Partial privatization of motorways possible?

According to a media report, the SPD wants to prevent a partial privatization of motorways through the back door. Therefore, the party wants to remove loophole in the previous draft laws, which are to be adopted by the end of May.

The SPD wants to prevent a partial privatization of the motorways through the back door, reports "Der Spiegel" in its current issue. This is the result of an internal paper of the Bundestag parliamentary party on the still to be founded federal highway company. According to Newsmagazine, this means that the rules laid down in the previous draft laws should be amended so that "the safeguarding of the non-exclusive property of the federal government is legally anchored in possible subsidiaries". This is due to the fear that private investors could participate in the planned regional subsidiaries of the motorway company.

German Autobahn: SPD wants to prevent a partial privatization through the back door.
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No public-private partnerships

According to the SPD, so-called public-private partnerships are also to be excluded for parts of the motorway network. The "infrastructure company transport" , which in the future would manage the motorways for the federal government, should also be very vulnerable. Also the Bundestag should control them by "comprehensive control rights", reports "Der Spiegel" further.

At the end of last year, the federal government and the Länder had agreed that the federal government would be responsible for the planning, construction and maintenance of motorways. Although the coalition has now agreed that both the motorways and the infrastructure company remain 100% owned by the Confederation. Critics fear, however, that there are still loophids. The Bundestag is to adopt the relevant laws by the end of May at the latest. (Os)