Tesla Model 3 without speedometer: Musk keeps measuring instruments increasingly superfluous

Only a large touchscreen in the middle of the cockpit shows speed, temperature, battery status and what else might be important. The Tesla CEO explains why the driver does not need a direct view of this information.
The cockpit of a Tesla Model S. In the Model 3 there should be no
display behind the steering wheel.
(Photo: Tesla)

Tesla boss Elon Musk has a simple explanation for the new cleanness. "How often do you look at the tacho of a taxi while you are driving?" Mus responded to a Twitter user, who appealed to the unusual interior design.
Muscle obviously assumes that soon a majority of the electric middle class sailors will drive more or less automatically than taxis or shared carpooling.
As the degree of automation increases, measuring instruments are becoming increasingly uninterested, according to the visionary's convincing logic.
Background: The Model 3 is the first mid-class vehicle of the Electropion. Musk had explained from the outset that it was his goal to make electromotive affordable for the masses. The model 3 is about 35,000 dollars to have and brings a range of approximately 350 kilometers with. Production is currently underway. Only recently, Musk had given detailed information on the ramp-up of production. By the end of the year, 5000 vehicles will be rolled off the line every week. Delivery will not begin in Europe until 2018.
According to Tesla, the model 3 has 400,000 pre-orders. For this, prospective buyers had to pay a thousand dollars, which had brought the company, which still fights with the profitability, a powerful financial injection.
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