alternative drives: Hyundai developed electric car platform

Hyundai goes the VW way and develops a production architecture for electric cars. This is also to be used by group sister Kia. The South Korean duo wants to bring together 23 models with electric drive by 2020.

The Ioniq is currently the most distinctive car of Hyundai in the electric car segment. Now the South Koreans have announced to build up a production architecture for vehicles with electric drive. Image: Hyundai

he plans for an EV platform confirmed Lee Ki-sang, Hyundai-Kia's chief for Green Car Operations, against the news agency Reuters. The new architecture has the accommodation of the battery packs in the vehicle floor as a central element and allows a significantly more generous space design of the cars.

The platform is designed so that all forms of electrified drive can be imaged, from hybrids to purely electric cars to vehicles with fuel cells. Lee Ki-sang did not mention a concrete timetable for the realization of the plans and pointed to the high investments.
IHS Markit expects the architecture to be applied across the Group. Kia has announced 14 new models with an alternative drive by 2020 and plans to offer a fuel-cell vehicle by 2021; Hyundai wants to bring nine cars with electric car drive by 2020.