Is China becoming a car supermarket?

When it comes to Chinese cars, many Europeans still think of Landwind & Co. However, the Chinese have been catching up rapidly in recent years.

Do you remember the landwind? Or the Brilliance B6? Both cars were short on the headlines about ten years ago, because they were to be exported to Europe, but they failed spectacularly at the usual crash tests. At the same time, the thinnest copies of European vehicles appeared on the market, which differed only by the brand logo from the original, but they could not keep up with it in the interior and under the plate.

Traffic in Beijing: Is China becoming a car supermarket?
Since then, it has become clear in the minds: Chinese can not build cars. Far from it: the Middle Kingdom has been catching up rapidly in recent years. The compact Van Wuling Hongguang was, for example, last year the best-selling model in China and ranked 5th in the most frequently built cars in 2015.

Six Indices:
The "Manager Magazine" cites six indications that indicate that Chinese manufacturers will play an important role in the future:
  1. The sheer size of the market: China has been the largest car market in the world for several  years
  2. State support: The state is particularly supportive of the domestic e-car manufacturers.
  3. Money is often more than enough in China due to the economic success.
  4. Scooters and buses with electric drive are already widely used in China unlike in Europe and the USA.
  5. Western manufacturers are increasingly focusing on China for the implementation of alternative drives.
  6. Top managers of the industry switch to Chinese companies