AVL shows new automation system

System offers the possibility to process test stand tasks in the office by means of efficient characterization and rapid validation.

With AVL PUMA Open 2, AVL presents its latest generation of a modern automation system. (Image: AVL)

As the development experts report, the latest generation of the automation system wants to meet customer requirements for holistic solutions. With the latest generation of AVL PUMA Open 2, AVL now has customers that can now rely on an automation system that is both reliable and stable, as well as numerous new features and innovative enhancements, and is the only automation system that can be used in all types of test rigs Is ", it is said.
According to AVL, PUMA Open 2 enables the preparation of test runs and parameter sets in the office as well as the administration of projects, results and operator rights. The recording of measured values, allocation of various sizes and the execution of the automatic test runs are carried out at the test stand. By integrating all system functions, AVL PUMA Open 2 also ensures the smooth interaction of all test instruments and test bench components, it says. Furthermore, a major innovation is the seamless integration of all test field data, from test parameters through global data to results data.
Using a powerful search function, data can be quickly found and further processed. The automatic and fast networking of AVL measuring devices and test bench automation, significant run-time increase and massive reduction of unnecessary data by integrated diagnostic tools are, according to AVL, unique advantages of the automation platform. Through powerful interfaces between AVL CAMEO 3, AVL PUMA Open 2 and AVL IndiCom 2, the departure of innovative calibration methods is also made possible for the first time.

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