RESEARCH: Data goggles for first responders

With data gadgets for rescue workers, scientists want to improve the initial supply in case of major accidents and catastrophes with many injured persons.

On the ground,to connect a telemedicine to a telemedicine via a camera and thus be relieved, as the results of a research group at the Aachen University Clinic so far show. In addition, checklists and guidelines are integrated.
At the end of the project, the scientists tested the technology in Aachen in a simulated accident scenario with two derailed wagons and 16 injured people. The advantages and disadvantages of both approaches are to be evaluated later on, for example regarding speed and error rate. "We know that data gauges lead to a significant improvement. The quality of care is definitely increasing, "explained Michael Czaplik, doctor and scientist at RWTH Aachen University. However, working with the system took more time. Link:VDI


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