STOCK MARKET GAME:Engineers pick up more percentages

The engineers rely on investment values ​​and thus prove the sense of equity. French stocks and pharmaceutical stocks are also high on the agenda.

Who would have thought that a year ago? In the past twelve months, Donald Trump has been elected as the new US president, the British said "goodbye" to the EU, and Turkey has been under exceptional circumstances since a coup attempt - nevertheless, the stock markets are bursting with euphoria. The Dax effortlessly passed the 12,000-point mark on its way up.

Bottling plant specialist Krones is currently one of the most popular values ​​among participants in our stock exchange game.(Photo:ddp images/Bernhard Classen)
The engineers are currently investing in German investment values. Thus, among the most popular stocks are Kuka, Jenoptik and Krones. The mechanical engineer offers solutions for the filling and packaging of PET bottles. Michael Thaler from Top Vermögens AG, who looks after our stock market game, welcomes the fact that "when the Capex cycle begins, these values ​​will benefit greatly." The capital expenditure cycle is the period in which a company renews its investments. At the same time, Betriebswirt Thaler assumes that it would soon be time for companies to make new investments in plants."Since the financial crisis, there has been only a recovery, it would be time for a real upswing again." The economy and mood data give the first indications in this direction.

The engineering fund, which consists of the ten stocks that the engineers most frequently placed in the game, has gained 3.18% since January. This is how the participants in our stock market show their share prices.The MSCI World Index, which lists 1600 shares from 23 industries and thus reflects the development of the global securities exchanges, rose by only 2.47% over the same period.
Thaler has a tip for all those who are still looking for a few interesting shares for their game depot: "The clear winners of the stock markets currently include pharmaceutical stocks." They benefited from the fact that Trump had not succeeded in killing Obamacare . "Before Obamacare, it was economically dependent on what the Americans could prescribe. Many could simply not afford certain medications without the insurance. "Obamacare and thus the health insurance obligation remains the basis of the sales of the medication manufacturers.
The view into the neighboring country is also worthwhile."French values ​​are very much in demand," says Thaler."This is because Börsians assume that the voters will not cross the socialists this time and not with Marie Le Pen, but with the economic liberal Emmanuel Macron. From this, stock buyers are promising rising prices. "
Thaler would leave Thaler for the time from automobile groups. In the US used car market many cars were on stockpile and currently pressed the prices. This, of course, also impacted the sale of new weighs. Thus, an attempt would be made to find buyers on favorable financing models, which would also be an eye-opener for customers who were not too solvenous. The problem, however, is: "This leads to many failures in auto loans in the USA. This weighs on the banks of the car manufacturers and thus the corporations themselves. About German manufacturers also hover the Damokleschwert of the diesel ban in cities. "When the ban comes, old diesel vehicles are offered for a spin-off price.That naturally lowers the price that the salesman can demand for new cars, "Thaler points out.