Cooperation with Microsoft: Porsche is increasingly focusing on racing games

Porsche wants to show more presence in video games and is working on a partnership with Microsoft. Such product placements are not new, but effective.
Porsche wants to become more present in the racing series "Forza Horizon".
(Photo: Forza Horzion)

Porsche reinforces virtual marketing with the help of Microsoft, the sports car manufacturer will be more present in the racing games "Forza Motorsport" and "Forza Horizon". A central element of the partnership will be the eSports area - virtual competitions, which are played by video players.

"Racing games and eSports link the virtual and real world and provide us with further access to the young target group," explained Detlev of Platen, Porsche's Sales and Marketing Director. This is a piece of Porsche passion even before the purchase of the first own sports car possible.
Porsche is not the only manufacturer that has discovered the marketing potential of product placements in video games. Mercedes also supplies virtually the Mercedes AMG GT R in "Forza Horizon" for fans of racing games. For some years, the players can also select the Audi RS7 as a vehicle. VW designed specifically for the game Gran Turismo of Microsoft competitor Sony the VW Supersport Vision Gran Turismo, which can only be controlled virtual.

Video games effective marketing tool

The commitment has its reason: According to experts, the product placement in video games is particularly effective compared to the one in the film. For the game is the full attention on the vehicles. Looking customer films or series, they often make a bit of a side and the product goes under.
Porsche has already been represented in Forza Horizon with 20 vehicles since last year. The Forza Racing Championship is the prelude to the collaboration with Microsoft. The qualifying races start from 1 May. The game developed by Microsoft for Forza Horzion was last year according to own data the best-selling racing game.
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