Autonomous driving

The five levels of automated driving and how the manufacturers define them for themselves.

The driver permanently carries out the longitudinal or transverse guidance, assistants assist him. Audi: In the A8, which came on the market in 2003, Audi used the distance-regulators for the first time. Today, it is installed in combination with sensors (Level 2) and ensures the correct distance to the front vehicle. BMW: In April 2000 came with the face lift of the sieve of the distance regulating machine. Daimler: For the first time in 1962, Mercedes used the technology to regulate the speed. From 1975 on wards the cruise control has been standardized, since 2003 the name "cruise control" has been protected by Daimler.

The system adopts a specific application but is permanently monitored. Audi: The "Audi active lane assist" recognizes the lane limitation, controls easily and warns by steering wheel vibration. Since 2010 in the A7. BMW: With the traffic jam you can "swim" in dense traffic at up to 60 km / h. The BMW Fünfer got it in 2013. Daimler: The Steering Assistant as well as the Stop & Go pilot have been supporting the driver in the S-Class since 2013. In the E-Class, he has been further developed into a drive pilot since 2016 and from summer 2017 onwards The revised S-Class.

The driver must take over the tax if the system reaches its limits. Audi: The Staupilot in the new A8 (from autumn 2017) travels up to 60 km / h on the motorway. The driver must be able to accept the driver within six to eight seconds. BMW: The car runs independently in the same restricted traffic, i.e on motorways. Level 3 comes with the BMW i Next 2021. Daimler: The driver is ready to take over the motorway within a certain time. Daimler has not yet announced when Level 3 will come.

In specific scenarios and within predefined limits, the car already runs independently. Audi: The extended motorway pilot drives from the driveway to the exit independently and recognizes construction sites. Another scenario is the Parkhauspilot. BMW: The Munich Under-4s understand a car which runs alone to extreme weather conditions or complex situations such as alpine passes. Daimler: As areas of application for Level 4, you can see vehicles that pick up the user at home - within certain limits of the system. Outside you have to drive yourself.

The car runs completely by itself, no driver is required from start to finish. Audi / Volkswagen: It is difficult to estimate when autonomous vehicles are coming onto the market. Robotaxis or minibuses like the VW Sedric, which only drive in defined areas like the city, will probably be more likely than vehicles, which dominate every scenario. BMW: Between 2020 and 2030 there will be first pilot projects on autonomous vehicles - first on the motorway, then in inner cities. Daimler: The car controls all speed ranges, scenarios and road types.