With two rovers German launch-up plans Moon-Mission 2018

The first German lunar mission is to visit the Moon auto, which was parked at the time, with two lunar vehicles near the Apollo 17 mission site, where they can analyze the state of the materials of the old lunar vehicle. The findings about the material fatigue are to flow into the development future long-term emissions on the Earth.

One of the next moon missions was not organized by NASA or ESA, but by the German Part Time Scientists GmbH based in Berlin.Already in the summer of 2018 a Falcon 9 rocket of the private space company of Space X by Elon Musk is to land the Landemodul Alina with two rovers on board safely to the moon . The two Lunar Roving Vehicle parked 225 meters from the Apollo site, the Apollo 17 mission from 1972, is to be visited there, and the two ropes, about 90 centimeters long and about 30 kilograms heavy, were developed Condition of the materials of the old moon mission. How much plastic has suffered in the last decades? What are the metal parts today? These and other questions will soon be answered by the German Moon Mission.

Vodafone mobile network is built on the moon

Vodafone reception on the moon: This is not a PR-Gag, but a way to save a lot of energy. In the course of the mission, the first mobile radio network is being built on the moon with the help of mobile telephony provider Vodafone. Thus the Landemodul Alina and the two rovers can communicate with each other via LTE - which saves much of the potentially little available energy.
The two Audi rovers, called Audi lunar quattro, have solar cells that supply them with power. The rovers also have the e-tron technology and have been designed in ultra-light construction.

Protection of the old trace

Top priority should of course be the protection of the footprints of the then astronauts. The head of the mission, Robert Böhme, promised: "The small German inspection vehicles would not roll directly to the Apollo 17 landing stage or the US flag - the objects were particularly protected as a kind of world cultural heritage."
"Also, no German flag is placed on the moon - if at all, then a European flag."