Opel expands OnStar offer: Assistance is now looking for parking lots and hotel rooms

For about one and a half years Opel have been on board with the online and service assistant OnStar. Now more services are available - for example room reservation or parking.
"The Opel OnStar consultants are now also helping to find a hotel room at the last minute or to secure the car safely," announced the GM subsidiary Opel, recently acquired by the French PSA Group. 
Both offerings of the online and service assistant will be launched with the new Opel Insignia. And will be available for all models from Adam to Zafira.

One-button help: Opel has been offering OnStar       service for a year and a half. The users are informed in the respective country language. (Photo: Opel)

"One button press is sufficient and the OnStar consultant immediately logs in directly to the customer. A person and no computer helps, "explained Opel Marketing Director Tina Mueller. OnStart cooperates with, among others, with Booking.com and Parkopedia.
Via the blue button, the driver contacts the Opel OnStar consultant. This searches for a hotel in the desired price category and posts a room or sends the address for the next free car park to the navigation system.

Background: Most accesses to Opel OnStar are made via the myOpel app. In addition, vehicle data such as oil level or tire air pressure can be called up. Since the start, around 1.2 million customer calls have been received by Opel OnStar. The number of monthly e-mails with diagnostic reports on the vehicle is over 1.5 million. Opel will be supplemented in the future by diagnostics warnings.