Media Review: Allegations against Porsche leadership in the exhaust gas scandal

According to a report, a Porsche executive, who apparently also was used as an internal investigator in the exhaust gas scandal, has already learned of exhaust gas manipulations in 2007.

Wolfsburg. In the VW exhaust gas scandal, there are further allegations against managers of the group. According to a report from the "Bild am Sonntag" (BamS), a Porsche executive is now clearly in the focus. The person had worked on the elucidation of the exhaust gas scandal. However, it should have been known long before the fraud was known of the manipulations. The paper refers to an e-mail from 2007 by a Bosch developer, which is also to have gone to the Porsche manager. This was the so-called "acoustic function". It recognizes when a car is on the test bench.
The "BamS" quotes from the mail: "Procedure Acoustics function: VW wants to use the function and also extends it." Audi wants to deactivate the function and hide it (but leave it indoors to activate it if necessary). A Porsche spokesman said the mail had only been sent to the employee as a copy. "The rest of the mail exchange also shows that the employee had nothing to do with the issue of acoustics."

VW exhaust gas scandal: Now obviously a Porsche executive is in focus. (Photo: Automobile Week)

According to VW, Jones Day continues to follow

As the Automobile Week reported, the internal investigations by the US law firm Jones Day continue in the VW exhaust gas scandal, according to group data. A spokesman for the VW Supervisory Board described the presentation of the "BamS" as false, according to which the investigations were terminated. The firm was commissioned by the Group to identify the exhaust gas manipulations. (Dpa / os)