Brand at Suppliers: Audi stops production of A4 and A5

The fire at the supplier Pelzer has not only consequences for Mercedes: Audi has to adjust the production of A4 and A5 for several days.

Up to and including Thursday, no cars of the A4 and A5 series will be built at the Audi factory in Ingolstadt. At a supplier in North Rhine-Westphalia it burned last week, so he can not deliver in time. As the manufacturer communicated, 1400 cars per day can not be built. At first the "Donaukurier" had reported on this.
The employees, who normally work in the production of A4 and A5, have free, up to and including Thursday. There will be no financial losses for them, the failure will be intercepted by an employment agreement. According to the news agency Reuters, 8500 of the roughly 43,000 employees in Ingolstadt are affected. Production of the A4 and A5 in Neckarsulm continues as normal.
Production of the A4 at the Ingolstadt plant. (Photo: Audi)

Friday is to go on

The supplier HP Pelzer from Witten will relocate its production to a different location, from Thursday onwards the delivery will work again smoothly. HP Pelzer supplies the so-called front wall insulation for the two models for Audi. The end wall is the partition between the engine compartment and the passenger compartment, whose insulation should ensure that the passengers are not disturbed by too loud engine noise and too much heat. (Dpa / swi)